Innovative Technologies

The countdown to the future.

An innovation that hasn't been developed for the world of tomorrow, but for the world of the future: the world premiere of the I.D. at the Paris Motor Show marks the start of a journey into the future of driving. The launch of the I.D. as an electric vehicle in the compact class will get underway in 2020. As a study, the I.D. provides the first specific view of how fully-automated driving will look. This particular mode of driving will go live from 2025 onwards.


Volkswagen at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016.

The Internet of Things is making our cars more and more intelligent. We’ll show you just how helpful this can be in your mobile life from 6 to 9 January at the world’s leading trade fair for innovative technologies in Las Vegas.


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Innovative Technologies

    Entertainment you’ll love.
    Top quality at the press of a button: with Volkswagen’s infotainment systems, you get not only the best entertainment but also the clearest view of things.
    Providing more convenience with apps and services
    Radio and navigation systems
    Providing entertainment and orientation.
    Mobile telephony
    Making it easy to phone on the move.
    Audio systems
    Scintillating sound quality.
    Predictive navigation
    Warns you of traffic problems even when route guidance is inactive.
    Travel companions, supporting you.
    Always at your side: Volkswagen’s innovative assistance systems help you on the roads, making your day safer and more relaxed.
    ACC Adaptive Cruise Control
    Helping you maintain the right distance.
    Area View
    All-round visibility.
    Blind Spot sensor
    Nothing goes unseen.
    City Emergency Braking
    Quick reactions in town.
    Driver Alert System
    Tells you when you need a break.
    Emergency Assist
    Reacts when you cannot.
    Front Assist
    Detecting dangers before they arise.
    Lane Assist
    Helps you stay on track.
    Light Assist Systems
    Always in the right light.
    Multi Collision Brake
    Brakes in emergencies.
    Park Assist
    Park practically automatically.
    Helps when things get tight.
    Proactive Passenger Protection System
    Increases protection if a collision is imminent.
    Rear Traffic Alert
    Keeps a look out at the rear.
    Rear View
    Reverse with everything in view.
    Side Assist
    Safe and sound all round.
    Sign Assist
    Stay informed.
    Trailer Assist
    Manoeuvres trailers with ease.
    Car-to-X communication
    Shares information with other vehicles and the surrounding infrastructure.
    Traffic Jam Assist
    Calmly through the traffic jam.
    Road Works Assistant
    Guides you through road works.
    Remote-Controlled Parking
    Makes it easier to park in very tight parking spaces.
    Performance that feels good.
    Dynamism meets comfort: Volkswagen’s drive and suspension systems unite sporty performance with the utmost comfort.
    Electric motor
    Move by electricity alone.
    Hybrid technology
    The best of both worlds.
    TGI / Eco Fuel
    Reduces consumptions and emissions.
    Producing maximum power.
    DSG Dual-Clutch Gearbox
    Quick, convenient and automatic.
    Powerful, clean, efficient.
    Efficiency that doesn’t take the fun out of driving.
    Experience progress: the efficiency technologies encompassed by Volkswagen’s BlueMotion concept help you reduce consumption and emissions, while enjoying driving as much as ever before.
    Brake Energy Recuperation
    Turning motion into energy.
    Gear Recommendation
    Shows when changing gear saves fuel.
    Think Blue. Trainer.
    Advises you on how to drive efficiently.
    Start-Stop System
    Automatically shuts off the engine when you stop.
    Freewheel Function
    Lets the vehicle coast and lowers consumption.
    Reduces air resistance and increases efficiency.
    Range manager
    Helps to optimise the operating range of electric cars.
    Start-Stopp System 2.0
    Automatically switches off the engine whilst stopping.
    Innovative spirit put on wheels
    No risk, no reward: Research, development and design go hand in hand at Volkswagen, in order to convert future mobility into concept studies.
    Tiguan GTE Active Concept
    The Showcar CES 2016
    The Showcar CES 2016 brings the Internet of Things on board.
    C Coupé GTE
    An Exceptional class.
    Sport Coupé Concept GTE
    Breathtakingly sporty.
    Cross Coupé GTE
    The new face of US SUVs.
    XL Sport
    Combines dynamism with efficiency
    GTI Roadster
    The virtual sports car becomes a reality.
    The world's most fuel-efficient production vehicle.
    The compact convertible SUV.
    CrossBlue Coupé
    The SUV with electric all-wheel drive system.
    The electric delivery van of the future.
    The concept car for modern mobility.