How far can I go?

How many kilometres do you travel every day? Adjust the control and fuel range calculation values precisely to your needs. You will see that in most cases, the e-Golf will adapt to your everyday life.


The "City" and "Country" speed profiles are typical everyday driving modes of the e-Golf.

City (average speed approx. 30 km/h):
The "City" driving mode reflects typical driving behaviour in urban areas, with speeds of up to 70 km/h and frequent stops and delays. Here, the e-Golf uses recuperation to recover brake energy and improve the fuel range. Due to the low average speed, the air conditioning settings have a significant influence on fuel range.

Country (average speed approx. 70 km/h):
The "Country" driving mode reflects typical driving behaviour on roads and motorways outside the city, with few stops and a maximum speed of over 130 km/h (ECO driving mode: 120 km/h | ECO+ driving mode: 95 km/h). The high average speed means that the air conditioning has less influence on the fuel range.

Speed profile




16 Inch

17 Inch

Summer or winter, you will want to drive your e-Golf all year round. The temperature regulator allows you to test the influence of the outside temperature on the fuel range. This does not take into account whether you have activated the air conditioning or heating and fresh air systems. You can find more settings options here under "Air conditioning".

Outside temperature


While on the road, you can use the selected driving mode to directly influence energy consumption. Alongside the normal driving mode, you can select from the ECO and ECO+ driving modes. The ECO+ driving mode lets you achieve maximum range, depending on additional consumption factors. ECO mode is the perfect choice for drivers who value agility and comfort. And, if the battery contains enough charge, you can also drive at higher speeds in ECO and ECO+ modes, for example, when overtaking or when you need a quick burst of power.

Driving mode




Air conditioning

A/C system and heating.

Although the air conditioning and heater systems can make the interior more comfortable, they can also have a significant influence on the energy consumption of your e-Golf. If you use the air conditioning or heater systems often, bear in mind that this will have an effect on the fuel range. When calculating the factors that affect the fuel range, it is assumed that you have the interior temperature set to 22°C. Higher or lower interior temperatures can cause deviations in the fuel range.

Heat pump.

The optional heat pump is an energy-efficient alternative for the winter, which uses the ambient air and waste heat from the electrical drive components to provide warmth. This can lead to energy savings of up to 50% compared to an electrical heating system. This in turn has a positive effect on fuel range.

Pre-air conditioning.

In extreme weather, you will love the pre-air conditioning system. The Car-Net remote control system allows you to switch it on and off from your smartphone when you're on the go, or from your PC in the living room. This means when you get into your e-Golf, the temperature in the vehicle interior will be just right. Using the air conditioning while charging also has a positive effect on the available fuel range. As the vehicle interior is at the required temperature when you start your journey, you save energy by not having to heat or cool.

*The actual range is influenced by a wide range of factors. In addition to the objective factors presented here, including the journey profile (altitude), the driver also has a considerable influence on the driving range. Careful driving and appropriate, fuel-efficient acceleration have a significant effect on the actual range.